About us

    Modern paint industries company was establish in 1976 with an initial capital estimated at 1.5 million Iraqi dinar the current company capital is estimate at 9.213.750.000 ( nine billion tow hundred thirteen million and sevan hundred fifty thousand Iraqi Dinar ) .
    The company has a techical Knowledge development agreement with interernational paint manufacturing companies such as ICI ( British paint manufacturing co..) and Stolllack ( Austria paint manufacturing co .. ) to produce higt quality industrial paint such as traffic marking epoxy heat resistant systems .... ext 
    The company manufactures differnet siyzes of metal cans with a production capacity estimated at  10 million cans annually .
    The company now establishes new factory for manufacturing resin ( the main raw material  of paint product ) thesc matrrial will be used in our production as will supplied to other iocal paint manufactturing companies . 



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